In 2023, I launched Jamella by Sage, an organic cosmetic business, to embark on a endeavor to encourage women and men to ditch commercial grooming and beauty products, which are loaded with toxic chemicals and inferior ingredients, and to offer organic, homemade cosmetics and supplements aimed towards helping you live a healthier lifestyle.

My Promise
To You
I offer fabulous organic products that I have used on myself and family for many years.

And let me tell you, once you hop onto the homemade organic beauty bandwagon, there’s no turning back! Homemade face & body creams, body butter, massage oils and skincare oils, natural perfumes, soaps, cleansers, bath salts, hair care, oral and healthcare, won’t be a mystery to you anymore. You will be basking in the glow of natural beauty and health.
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ORGANIC = Grown or made without the use of chemicals like pesticides, insecticides or fungicides

BEAUTYAttractive, healthy, I mean… beauty inside out!                          

RECIPES = Easy and simple

For those of you who are not confident in your DIY skills, Jamella by Sage is here for you. It is the next best thing to whipping up your own natural beauty products at home. You can be assured that you will not be supporting dangerous commercial beauty products that are filled with all kinds of nasty chemicals that are linked to cancer, hormone disruptions, and other health problems.

All of my products are “home-made with love.”

One of my favorite expressions is the “KISS” approach: “Keep is Simple Sweetie.” That’s what natural beauty is all about. Simplicity!

A Wake-up Call

I started researching the ingredients in my daily commercial beauty products and was stunned that I could not understand their meaning or even pronounce some of the words. I also learned that many of these chemicals are actually industrial chemicals used in machinery and for other factory uses. For instance, prior to the 1920s, cottonseed oil was always used as an industrial lubricant for tractors and other machines, until someone discovered that it could also be used as a cheap oil for cooking and for other types of human consumption. While reading about these ingredients on the website, Skin Deep, I was shocked to learn about the harmful effects these chemicals have on our health, as well as the lack of studies and research available on some of the ingredients.

That said, I will mention, in short, that not all synthetic ingredients are toxic. There are some synthetic substances that are actually benign and have no negative health effects. BUT these are NOT the ones that are used in most commercial beauty products.
I used to use Oil of Olay, Nevia, Aveeno, Dove soap and those expensive department store brands, for years, and came to realize how toxic these products are. And besides that, none of the commercial cosmetics I’ve ever used improved my skin or hair. In fact, they were most likely the cause of my problems. I used to have dry, cracked, ashy, itchy skin, especially on my legs, and no matter what kind of commercial product I used, that never got better, until I started making my own organic soaps and skin care products. The same holds true for my hair. My hair used to be so dry and weak. I had to put hair grease on it constantly just so I could manage it. And my hair was always falling out…piles of hair in the sink and in my comb and brush. My homemade organic shampoos  rinses, moisturizers, and treatments, have completely changed the texture and health of my hair. Now my hair is strong and healthy and has a lovely shine. I have “baby skin” now, due to my own organic recipes. Over the years, I also developed a strong intolerance to the scents of commercial synthetic perfumes. They trigger an allergic reaction.


  • Methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl parabens:  hormone disrupter, linked to breast cancer
  • Aluminum chloralhydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachloride linked to breast cancer
  • Propylene Glycol: delayed allergic reactions, possible kidney and liver damage
  • BHT: irritation, developmental/reproductive toxicity, linked to cancer
  • Toxic Synthetic Fragrance (pretty much in all commercial beauty products unless fragrance-free!) : skin irritation, harmful to the environment, allergies and organ system toxicity

Why does our government allow commercial companies to put known carcinogens (cancer causing) products on the market that are dangerous and/or without researching or knowing the long term effects on our health?

The short answer is, profit over health.


I then started buying organic products, but found them to be too costly and was convinced that there should be an easier and simpler solution. Unfortunately, a lot of the certified organic beauty products or so-called natural products still use toxic synthetic fragrances and harmful chemical preservatives so they can stay on shelves for years. And please don’t get me started on the misleading marketing fraud of USDA labeled products.

This was around the time I became a Holistic Doctor and then a certified Herbalist. However, for the most part, I am self-taught, I have read countless books, studied assiduously, and spent copious hours in the kitchen experimenting with homemade recipes until I perfected fabulous formulas that I have shared with many people.

I started making my own teas, cosmetics, tinctures, extracts and household products, and switching to eating all organic foods, which I get directly from farms and specialty stores.

When I finally made the switch and started crafting high-quality organic cosmetics at home, to be honest, it was a blessing, and one of my most rewarding endeavors.

Disclaimer: All my recipes are unique and are tested on humans!

My organic products have a natural shelf-life of 30-90 days, with some exceptions.


Although Jamella by Sage is a new business, we are a  growing community of those looking for a natural alternative to commercial cosmetics and health products! And I know there are more of us asking the same questions, going through the same journey I did years ago and wanting to make a change in their lifestyle. I love being a part of this awakening!

Kick-start your organic beauty journey by signing up to my weekly newsletter on JamellabySage.com, or join us on Facebook, and Instagram, for more inspiration!

Don’t hesitate to say hi and drop me a message if you have any questions and I will be happy to chat with you.

Before I go, I would like to mention that the name Jamella comes from a combination of my late parents’ names; James and Ella, Jamella also means beautiful.

With Love and Light,

Sage Crystal, ND

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